Cindy Mahedy, LMP


Cindy Mahedy, LMP has been practicing massage since graduating from Ashmead College in 2003.  Initially focusing on clinical treatment work, she began her career as a treatment specialist and completed a 200 hour course of Sports and Clinical Treatment specialized study. 

Her passion for massage led her to begin teaching at Ashmead College in 2006, leading her to explore other ideas and techniques in massage therapy.  Her life experience drew her to massage for people living with cancer and working with the medically frail.  This sparked an interest in Chinese medicine and forms of Asian bodywork.  From there, she began studying Shiatsu and after 2 years, gained Shiatsu certification from the Oregon School of Massage.

Cindy believes that health and wellness is achieved by living a balanced life.  "Massage therapy is the greatest expression of balance; each person is a unique message and requires an individual plan of treatment to bring them into a state of well being and health."

Outside of work, Cindy enjoys a multitude of activities from running, yoga and hiking to knitting, baking and just curling up with a good book on a rainy day.