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Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

It is easy to overlook chiropractic care after a car accident. Most people will go for conventional medical care first. However, chiropractic care is helpful, especially if you have musculoskeletal or spinal injuries. They can evaluate your injuries and make treatment recommendations.

5 Most Common Winter Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Winter comes with the promise of participating in activities that you only get to do during this time of the year. Among these activities are skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and sledding. These fun and exhilarating activities may also come with the pain of injury.

4 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help After a Car Accident

Car accidents are scary and can come with detrimental physical consequences. Massage therapy can give relief from pain and aches that result from car accidents. It is a treatment that helps you relieve pain, stress, lower your blood pressure, improve your blood circulation, encourage healing, breaking down scar tissue, and help you relax. A massage therapist offers such treatment through kneading, tapping, stroking, and rubbing the soft tissues of your body, especially surrounding your spine.

How Long After a Car Accident Can Injury Symptoms Appear?

Car accident injuries often manifest soon after an accident, but in some cases, the symptoms of the injury can be delayed. There are many instances where injuries appear days or even weeks after the accident. Some injuries do not display early symptoms, making them easy to miss. Additionally, another injury that is causing substantial symptoms can mask a less severe injury located elsewhere on the body.

What Happens During a Spinal and Postural Screening?

When it comes to your posture and spinal health, good posture and proper spinal position are important for optimum health. Unfortunately, people become so occupied with their everyday routine and activities that their spinal health and posture are the last of their worries.

5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After a Sports Injury

There are several reasons you should visit a chiropractor. Apart from helping improve your overall health, chiropractic care will help you recover effectively from injury. A chiropractor is skilled at adjusting the skeletal system and muscles, providing pain relief. 

Signs You Might Need Physiotherapy

Contrary to what most people think, physiotherapy is not just reserved for people recovering from injuries or for athletes. Physiotherapy can be used to improve an individual’s overall health. Whether you are suffering from aches and pains caused by injury or stiffness from exercise, you can benefit from physiotherapy.

Signs You May Have Text Neck

Text Neck is used to describe a repetitive stress injury, caused by leaning forward for long periods of time while texting. Reading and texting while using a mobile phone are reported to be responsible for stress injuries.

How Do You Know If You Have Bad Posture?

Millions of people suffer from bad posture, especially since jobs today generally require that you sit in front of a desk all day. Sitting for too long and sitting with poor posture can have a negative impact on your body.

Top Exercises to Improve Your Posture

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