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Top Exercises to Improve Your Posture

Having good posture goes beyond simply looking good; it helps to keep the body strong and healthy. Improving your posture will help you to increase your body strength, balance, and flexibility. This will result in more energy and less muscle pain in your body. By reducing stress on the muscles and ligaments, good posture helps to reduce the risk of injury. When you exercise, you will become aware of your body, and you can work to improve your posture.


Several muscles are responsible for maintaining the posture in an upright position. Over time, bad posture can cause the muscles to lose their strength. Fortunately, exercise can help to strengthen the muscles. Here are some top exercises that help to improve posture.


Strengthening the Neck


Proper posture is when the ears are positioned directly above the shoulders. If you notice that your head is pushed forward when driving or while using a computer, you have posture problems. The forward head posture is caused by weak and tight sections in the neck. They make it difficult to hold the head straight. Some exercises that can help to correct this are the Chin Tuck exercise and Neck Extension or stretching the neck. You can do the exercises several times throughout the day while sitting on a chair.


Strengthening the Shoulders


If you walk or sit with rounded shoulders, you have poor posture. Exercises that help to strengthen the upper back will cause the shoulders to pull back and open the chest up. Some of the best exercises include Shoulder Blade Stretches and Dumbbell Reverse Fly. The shoulder blade stretches involve pulling the shoulder blades backward and then holding and relaxing while seated. During the dumbbell reverse, you bend your knees, leaning over, and raise your arms.


Strengthening the Core Muscles


The core muscles include abdominal muscles (abs), side and upper body muscles, lower back muscles, and hips. Strengthening these muscles helps to improve posture, balance, and stability. Some helpful exercises include the Front Bridge exercise, Side Plank, and Hip Lifts. Many exercises can help to work these important muscles. Tucking in the tummy when sitting or walking can help to strengthen the muscles.


Strengthening the Hips


A good posture should have the hips in a neutral and level position from the side view. If the hips are tilted forward, it is a sign of poor posture. Exercises that help to strengthen the butt, thighs and hip muscles will help to improve posture. These are the muscles that are essential for lifting the knees and bending at the waist. Some exercises include kneeling lunge stretch, bending the knee to the chest, and raising the hips while lying on the back.


Protecting the Knees


Strong knees help in maintaining a healthy posture. It is important to ensure that weight is distributed evenly on both feet. Keeping the knees bent slightly and shoulder-width apart will help with posture. When lifting objects off the floor, always make sure that you bend the knees and not the back. You should also keep the stomach tucked in.


Improving posture will require awareness, consistency, and exercise. Developing a good posture will not happen overnight. You need to maintain good postural habits, and with time, it will come naturally. If you suffer from back pain, talk to a chiropractor about the best exercises for you.


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